Rustic BB Belt


  • This three-piece Maltese cross buckle is stunning, to say the least.
  • It is fully crystallized with Black Diamond Swarovski crystals that sparkle brilliantly in the daylight and at night.
  • Style 315 is constructed with pewter crocodile embossed Italian leather.
  • Five Maltese crosses are strategically placed along the belt strap.
Size Chart
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Sizing Instructions for Belts

Whatever your TRUE pants/waist size is in inches, go up one size for the perfect-sized belt to the 3rd hole.

IF YOU SAG, we recommend going up 2 sizes from your TRUE pant/waist size.


Size 32 waist = Size 34 belt / Size 36 if you sag Size 34 waist = Size 36 belt / Size 38 if you sag A size 32 belt for a size 32 waist WILL BE TOO SMALL!